Holiday Help Has Arrived!

The holidays are approaching and it is our hope that this white paper will encourage planning in advance, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable season. In our experience, households that sail through the holidays utilize many of the best practices listed below.


  • Establish a holiday binder to update throughout the year – to include:
    • This year’s holiday card and any prior year’s holiday cards
    • Gifts received with a place to note that the person was thanked
    • A list of people to give gifts to
    • A list of people you tip
    • Personal staff year-end bonus history
    • Create a mailing list and shipping and return log. We believe a well-run home has a shipping/receiving log for everything that goes in and out for the holidays as well as throughout the year.
  • Determine who on your team is responsible for maintaining the holiday binder.
  • Think about your gift ideas for personal and business contacts and start purchasing early.
  • Buy multiples of gifts – this can be very efficient.
  • Inventory holiday supplies early (cards, gift wrap, bows, FedEx labels, packing materials, etc.) and order extra to have plenty on-hand.

Holiday Cards:

  • If you send cards at the holidays, determine when you want the cards to be mailed and work back 8 weeks. Plan time for reviewing recipients, addressing, signing cards.
  • Design holiday card from family (schedule photo session early if needed) – order extra cards and envelopes.
  • Design holiday card from office – order extra cards and envelopes.
  • Order plenty of stamps.​


  • Develop holiday timeline (e.g. card mailing date, entertaining/event dates, gift-sending dates).
  • Determine holiday hours and time-off preferences for staff/house.
  • Advise your goal date for office/home staff to request holiday time-off.
  • Determine if you will need temporary staff to cover for people on vacation and plan ahead.
  • Make your travel plans as early as possible and share your schedule with your home and office staff. This allows your staff to plan ahead.
  • If visiting another home, be sure all home(s) are prepared for the holidays.
  • We think it is important to have a lunch or end-of-year toast with your house staff. If you like this idea, schedule early.
  • As the invitations roll in, consider carving out a few nights at home.​

Holiday Giving:

  • Prepare your gifting list: (family, staff, friends).
  • Budget year-end bonuses for home and office staff.
  • Prepare your tip list (consult latest tipping guides to determine appropriate amounts)
    • Business – vendors, doorman, mailperson, maintenance, cleaning crew, etc.
    • Personal – Physicians, beauticians, coaches, teachers, gardener, mailperson, etc.
  • Seek out volunteer opportunities for business and personal – donate time/give back (e.g. holiday food for homeless shelter and other seasonal charities).
  • The principals of Visual Therapy, a New York-based company that provides personal shopping, closet organization and other style consulting services for many of our clients, have prepared the top gift ideas for everyone on your gift list – please have a look!


  • Assign point person to plan the holiday family dinner/celebration.
  • Create and send invitations for holiday celebrations you are having – either digital or printed.
  • Assign point person to plan the holiday office party/celebration (be mindful of culinary likes/dislikes, allergies and vegetarian food preferences).
  • Prepare itinerary and manage RSVPs for social entertaining and charitable events.


  • Keep office holiday décor neutral and/or respect different religious holidays e.g. Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.
  • Prepare décor for holidays at home.
  • Consult helpful websites (e.g. Pinterest) for decorating ideas and be sure to order in advance.

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