Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services specialists are able to provide assessment, training, and customized materials to strengthen and enhance your staff’s performance. We also provide specialized services to help our clients manage their residences, offices, and businesses. We can review and assess your home and provide tailored staffing plans, set up a new residence, or downsize and reorganize a home. If you are interested in our Consulting Services, please call 414.347.1350 and a member of our team will set up a call with one of our Consulting Services specialists.

Household Consulting Services

  • Staff Assessment. To ensure appropriate staffing and service levels, we begin with a site visit and assess current staff and residence(s) and provide written recommendations.
  • Staff Training. We evaluate the ability and current performance of existing household staff, provide training and recommendations for improvement, and review service standards.
  • Household Manual Creation. We assist in the creation of personalized household manuals that are customized to your needs. These may include instructions on the use of household technology, operating manuals and warranties, vendor and security contacts, preventative maintenance schedules, and household preferences.
  • Specialized Household Consulting Services. We offer customized services that can include deep cleaning and inventories of household items in order to reorganize and streamline a residence or multiple residences.
  • Additional Household Consulting Services. Such services include review and consolidation of the contents of an estate or residence to prepare for sale; evaluation of staff quarters or offices; and employer coaching to help our clients build and lead a more effective team.

Human Resources Consulting

  • Legal Referrals and Human Resources-related Documents. We connect our clients with legal professionals who will create, review, and maintain employee handbooks, and who can review all other employment-related paperwork, such as offer letters and personnel files, to ensure they are compliant with appropriate federal, state, and municipal regulations.
  • Existing Staff Management. We can update position descriptions, conduct and manage employee reviews, resolve household conflicts, reduce turnover, and create ongoing performance improvement plans.
  • Compensation and Benefits Reviews. We provide our insight and knowledge on appropriate compensation and benefits to attract and retain employees.