Todd Winslow Pierce for The Knapp Trust

Our personalized, team-focused approach
for successful placements

Each client receives the dedicated attention of a well-trained team of private domestic staffing professionals. Mahler Private Staffing will assign a personal Staffing Executive who will serve as your primary contact and oversee the entire search and placement process. Your search process will also be supported by a team of professional recruiters as well as our security division.

Position Descriptions. We will discuss the responsibilities performed by staff in different roles and how those roles work together. We can provide sample position descriptions and we can help you refine your own criteria for the candidate you ultimately hire. Our team will work with you to create a position description that captures the specifics of your needs. We provide guidance on how to create the optimal in-home or office team to best support your lifestyle.

Client References. Our close client relationships are at the center of our business. Our reference list includes current and past clients who have given their permission to be included. We can share this list with you upon request. If you would like to speak with any of these clients about our services, we would be happy to arrange an introduction.